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What's New in Miley Café 2023 Video

September 04, 2023

Check out all of the new things we have to offer this year in Miley Café!

Station Renovations in Miley Café

August 30, 2023

We are opening the Fall 2023 semester with a bang! Check out our renovated Simple Zone (formerly MyZone) and our brand new UCook station!

New Semester, New Miley

March 01, 2023

Check out some of the updates to the dining experience at Miley Café

Miley Dining’s New Smoothie Bar

February 23, 2023

Students are going wild for the new Smoothie station in Miley Café! Learn more here.

A Taste of Plant-Based Dining

August 15, 2022

Satisfy your plant-based cravings with tasty Rustic Roots dishes!

Win It Wednesday

August 15, 2022

Learn more about our exciting giveaway program!