Our Initiatives

Your Salve Dining Team is dedicated to sustainability. We know we can all work together to make a positive impact right here at Salve Regina University. In addition to the many initiatives we take on as a company, we have implemented the following programs specific to Salve Regina University

Our seaside, New England location means access to some of the freshest, most delicious and responsibly sourced fish and seafood possible. Red's Best ™ our seafood partner, is located in Boston and is committed to only distributing fish and seafood from small, local, independent fish boats supporting the local fishing industry and tradition. Local and sustainably sourced seafood can be found in Miley Café during Lunch on Thursday (served on Friday during Lent).

Each day, we offer plant-based protein across several of our Miley Café dining stations. You can always expect a Vegetarian option on the entrée line and vegan proteins on Mongolian Grill. A wide array of vegan options at our plant-based Rustic Roots station, where students can find balanced and complete plant-based meals. Plant-Based options are also regularly featured on menu specials and popups. We hope that by introducing students to delicious plant-based protein, we can encourage them to try new flavors and expand their tastes. Reducing meat consumption is a vital part of limiting packaging, saving water, and building your own balanced diet.

It's important to understand and utilize natural food resources around you. Not only does this support local farms, but it also ensures that our students are eating fresh, local, and sustainable produce. Each month, a local vegetable is put in the spotlight and ordered locally. We try to incorporate these ingredients into our menu items to show our Seahawks that great food is much closer than you'd think!

Harvest of the Month

With the rising popularity of to-go dining options, we've discovered a sustainable, cost-effective method of offering these services to the Salve Regina community. Planet Ozzi Green To-Go Bins can be purchased at the front desk of Miley Café for $9.75. After using and rinsing your container, you can drop off your old container with the help of the Miley Host and get either a replacement container or a token to redeem for a clean container during meal service. Our kitchen staff will then wash and disinfect the containers to prepare them for use by the next customer.

This initiative is sure to make Salve Regina a more sustainable community and will offer students a reliable and cost-effective takeout option. Per the Rhode Island Board of Health, guests are not permitted to bring their own to-go containers into our public dining space.


We work hard with our vendors to get as many locally sourced ingredients as possible. Our professionally trained chefs create our menus to take advantage of seasonal produce. Keep an eye out in Miley Café for fresh, mindful, locally sourced produce across our stations and popups.

The Miley Dining team is diligent about composting all food scraps and other compostable materials that come in on the dish return belt. We also compost food waste created in meal preparation. All composted materials are sent to The Compost Plant, where they are properly sorted and used to create soil to support the growth of crops from local farms and gardens.

Compost 1

Compost 2

The environment and your wallet win! Bring your own reusable cup to purchase coffee on campus and a receive a discount every time.

French fries to fuel. Indeed our fryer oil is recycled into biodiesel by Mahoney Environmental and is converted into sustainable heating fuel.

Learn more here.

Green Restaurant Logo

Miley Café is proud to be a 3-Star Certified Green Restaurant!

Green Restaurant Certificate

The Green Restaurant Association is a national nonprofit dedicated to making restaurants more sustainable.

Restaurants generate more than 300 million tons of garbage every year. We work toward reducing this number by recycling, avoiding the use of polystyrene foam products, and have implemented many environmental steps to earn 176.97 GreenPoints. The Green Restaurant Association has rigorous standards in categories like water efficiency, waste reduction, sustainable food, and chemical and pollution reduction.

Dinegreen today at Miley Café!

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  • Recycling
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