Seahawk Bucks is money included with the purchase of your meal plan that is used like a debit card for any purchases at Miley Cafe,  Miley Mart, Jazzman's, Sandella's, The Nest, and the Library Cafe. Seahawk Bucks cannot be used for purchase in locations that are not run by Salve Regina Dining.

Points is money you put on your Salve ID card to use as a debit card to make purchases anywhere the Salve Card is accepted on and off campus.

Points may be added to your card through the Business Office.   Add Now!

Guest Passes may be used to grant one unlimited meal in Miley Hall per swipe for a friend or guest.

A meal exchange can be used in place of your meal in Miley Hall. You may use a meal exchange swipe for the meal exchange items at McKillop Library Café, Jazzman's Café, and The Nest if you have not already dined at Miley Hall for that meal period.

Your meal plan grants you access to Miley Café and allows you to participate in our Meal Exchange programs at McKillop Library Café and Jazzman's. You are alloted unlimited swipes per meal period which are Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner and 2 for snack times. If you have additional questions please contact us

Of course. We have a variety of vegetarian and vegan options across campus on a daily basis. If you suffer from food allergies and Celiac Disease we have a secure Simple Zone "pantry" located in Miley Café. Simple Zone is stocked with gluten free, tree nut and peanut free items. BYO deli, hot entree options, packaged snacks, and a designated UCook area are available as well. Learn More.

For more information on allergy accommodations and access to Simple Zone, please reach out to our Registered Dietitian, Maeve Guidera

*Disclaimer: While procedures are taken in Simple Zone to stop the use of the restricted allergens, we cannot guarantee products from vendors and suppliers do not pose a risk for cross-contact. We cannot totally eliminate the chance and risk of cross-contact in our facility.*